Chris Sudduth

Combined interests in math and science alongside my extroverted personality and sincere desire to help others led me to pursue medicine. After practicing medicine for many years in more traditional settings, I chose to pursue the direct primary care (DPC) route. I realized the American healthcare delivery system was broken, and severely inhibiting the attainment of health for my patients while also hindering the ability of physicians to practice good medicine.

As a DPC doc, it brings me joy to deeply and meaningfully care for every one of my patients! I enjoy spending time getting to know each of them, helping them identify health needs and goals, and then partnering with them to achieve those goals.

When I'm not at work I spend time with my lovely wife, our four boys, and little girl who keep us busy playing sports, reading, swimming, building with LEGO's, watching Dude Perfect, and creating art and music together. I also enjoy spending time working on my small farm, growing a variety of berries and fruit, and working out on the land. Most of all, I love having people over to the house to eat a meal together and hang out. Lastly, Grace & Peace Church is a special place where our souls are refreshed.

Ready to Join the Remedy Team?

The direct primary care (DPC) model isn’t just better for patients, it’s rewarding for providers, too. DPC enables providers to take on fewer patients and dedicate more time to each of them. The result? Better health outcomes for patients and a healthier work-life balance for you.

If you’re a dedicated healthcare professional who wants to provide the highest quality care for patients and work alongside a caring, passionate, and inclusive team, apply to work with us.

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