A healthier, happier workforce and predictable pricing.

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Better care attracts and keeps better talent.

What rating did your employees give your current health care coverage when you last surveyed them? More than ever, health care benefits are key to recruiting and attracting a quality workforce. People look to employers to provide health care benefits they can count on.

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Healthy employees stay productive.

Remedy Health reduces absenteeism by keeping employees out of the waiting room and on the job. With direct access to primary care, your team will lead healthier lives requiring fewer trips to the doctor, and they’ll have guaranteed scheduled appointments with no unpredictable waiting times.

Curb unnecessary — and expensive — ER and urgent care visits

The vast majority of all health care needs can and should be treated by primary care physicians. But without direct access to primary care, more people are going to urgent care clinics and ERs for treatment. Your company ends up footing these large, unpredictable bills and the resulting rising premiums.

Remedy Health simplifies pricing with one flat, monthly rate for each patient. Because we provide direct 24/7 access to doctors, we eliminate the need for ER or urgent care visits outside of actual emergencies.

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Companies save on costs, employees receive
better care. That’s an all-around win.

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Decrease in ER Visits
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Decrease in Overall Claims Cost

More freedom. Less fine print.

Your employees want options and need flexibility to make the best health decisions for themselves. They can choose to opt-in or out of a Remedy Health membership at any time. They also have the freedom to choose a doctor from our diverse team of expert primary care physicians, and can use any Remedy clinic across the state when needed. Their membership comes with a wide range of services, including DOT physicals, urine drug screening, and office visits for job-related injuries at no extra cost.

I could go through tons of different things they’ve done for my workforce. They’ve adjusted how my team has done exercise and diet, because they take time to use their doctor’s knowledge and explain things that you just don’t get elsewhere.

Kyle T.
Business Owner & Remedy Customer
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How does Remedy work with insurance?

The short answer is, however you like.

Use Remedy Health without insurance, with a healthshare plan, with traditional insurance — or anything in between.

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with Healthshare Plan

with Fully Insured Plan

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Primary care made incredibly simple.

Even signing up and getting started is quick and easy.

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Let’s Chat

Contact us and we’ll set up a time to talk through your company and your team’s needs.

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We want you and your team to have all the information you need. We’re happy to answer your follow-up questions, or even visit your office in-person to tell your team about Remedy Health.

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Start Onboarding

Once an agreement is made, we’ll onboard your company and team members onto Remedy Health’s easy-to-use portal.

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