Primary care with compassion.

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All the health benefits of Direct Primary Care — and more. One low monthly membership rate.

Same-or Next-Day Appointments

Unlimited 24/7/365 Access to Your Doctor

Care for Ages 0-120

Text, Email, Phone, House Calls

Discounted labs, imaging, prescriptions

In-office labs, imaging, pharmacy

No hurdles between your family and your personal primary care physician.

Think about the headache of making a doctor’s appointment right now — getting put on hold, waiting for days or even weeks for an available appointment time, all for an impersonal five minutes with a physician.

With Remedy Health, you’re guaranteed same- or next-day appointments with a doctor who already knows you and your family’s medical history, and who cares deeply about giving you a healthier life. When we say direct access, we mean direct access.

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Comprehensive care for you — not just your symptoms.

No more rushed appointments that end with a prescription. Remedy Health doctors believe in a comprehensive approach to primary care. When they see and treat you, they’ll address all health determinants, such as diet, exercise, lifestyle, and mental wellness.

This allows our doctors to give you better care by identifying root causes of health issues, setting health goals, and establishing personalized care plans that go way beyond medication.

How does Remedy work with insurance?

The short answer is, however you like.

Use Remedy Health without insurance, with a healthshare plan, with traditional insurance — or anything in between.

Remedy Alone

with Healthshare Plan

with Fully Insured Plan

Primary care made incredibly simple.

Even signing up and getting started is quick and easy.

Step 1

Fill out the registration form.

Sign-up takes just a few minutes. Simply complete the registration form below and enter your payment information.

Step 2

Choose your doctor and provide some basic info.

Download the Spruce app to text, email, and call your doctor any time. You’ll be prompted to provide your health history so your physician can get to know your situation right away.

Step 3

Set up your first appointment.

You can talk to and schedule an intake appointment with your doctor immediately. This initial appointment lasts about 90 minutes long, during which you’ll review your health history and any unaddressed health concerns you have.

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