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Same-or Next-Day Appointments

Unlimited 24/7/365 Access to Your Doctor

Care for Ages 0-120

Text, Email, Phone, House Calls

Discounted labs, imaging, prescriptions

In-office labs, imaging, pharmacy

How does Remedy work with insurance?

How do you work with specialists?

Although DPC patients are less likely to be referred to specialists, there are cases when a referral is needed. Remedy physicians are well-connected and will find the right fit for you, coordinate your care across providers, and work within your insurance network, if applicable.

How much are office visit copays?

Zero dollars (Yes, really!). With Remedy you pay one flat, monthly rate that includes unlimited, in-person or virtual appointments with your doctor at no extra charge.

What is DPC?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model where you pay a monthly fee to a primary care provider in exchange for unlimited access to your doctor and a predefined range of in-office services. Anyone can get DPC, regardless of your insurance status, but it is not intended to replace insurance.

Will you bill my insurance for anything?

Nope. Your Remedy membership covers the cost of unlimited appointments and certain in-office tests and procedures. Any additional costs, like labs, imaging, or prescriptions, have pre-negotiated prices so you can pay for them without involving insurance if you prefer.

How exactly does Remedy work?

Can I visit other Remedy clinics?

Yes! As a Remedy member, you can see a Remedy doctor at any Remedy clinic if needed.

Do you have male and female doctors?

Yes— and you’ll get to choose whether your provider is male or female.

Is there a limit on how many appointments I can make?

With a Remedy membership, there is no limit on how many times you can make an appointment with your doctor, and no extra charge for office visits in person, virtual, or even at home.

What ages do you care for?

All of them! Our doctors have the appropriate training to care for anyone from newborn to 120!

What if I need care while I’m out-of-state or traveling?

If you need to see a different doctor while you're out-of-state or traveling, your Remedy physician is reachable 24/7/365 by phone, text, and email. They can coordinate your care from afar, whether it is calling in a medication to a local pharmacy or arranging for you to see a DPC doc out of state.

Will I get to choose my doctor?

Yes! When you fill out your registration form, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your doctor. You can change your provider later if needed.

How does Remedy work for employers?

Are workers’ compensation evaluations covered with a Remedy membership?

Yes, workers who have Remedy as a health benefit can see a Remedy physician same-day or next-day (including house calls when necessary) for a workers’ compensation evaluation at no extra cost.

Do all my employees have to sign up?

No, individual employees will have the choice of whether or not they’d like to opt in for themselves and their families. You will only pay for those who are opted in.

Do you offer dental or vision?

Remedy does not currently offer dental or vision benefits, but cash price discounts are available with trusted partners.

Do you offer industry-specific physicals?

Yes, we offer DOT physicals and onsite urine drug screening.

What do you offer on-site?

Can you take X-rays on-site?

Yes, we offer X-rays on-site and have discounted pricing on X-rays and other imaging, including MRI and CT through local partners.

Do you do blood draws and labs on-site?

Yes, we do blood draws and labs on-site and offer pre-negotiated discounts on labs.

Do you do women’s wellness care?

Yes, we offer women’s wellness exams and perform pap smears.

Do you have on-site pharmacies?

Yes, every Remedy clinic has an onsite pharmacy and reduced prices on common prescriptions. Discounted cash pricing is also available through local pharmacies.

Do you perform any procedures on-site?

Yes. Whether laceration repair, skin tag removal, skin biopsy, or freezing off a skin lesion, a wide variety of minor procedures are performed on-site.

What testing do you do on-site?

We can test for Flu, COVID, Strep, RSV, pregnancy, and STIs on-site. We can also perform allergy testing onsite and perform urine drug testing.

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